Skimbox Got Published in “Your Story” Platform


Bangalore (India), September 18, 2020: The year 2020 is going through revolutionary changes, Skimbox Digital Marketing Company to mark its presence, got published in “Your Story”. The eventful initiative happened on 16th July 2020 boosting digital entrepreneurship across the country. 

Skimbox digital marketing company

The story mentions all the events leading to what the company is today, continuing the digital revolution through tough times. Not only as a digital marketing solution provider but also stretching its services such as web development, AR & VR, human resources, video production, advertising, hosting, education, startup support, graphic designing, and lead generation. The article with detailed words uplifted the winging dreams of an intelligent CEO with his dynamic team.

Proclaiming that the company is a 360-degree digital marketing solution, it emphasized the many collaboration and positive environments surrounding the workplace that make it happen. Also, the imminent praise for converting any brand into a storytelling one to the audience is an astounding achievement. Overall, the company is extremely ecstatic to be featured on a popular platform and gaining recognition as a successful startup for its efforts. With ever-enthusiastic creativity, SKIMBOX is on a promising path.

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