Samsung Opera House (Video Production)

The global tech giant, Samsung, had recently opened a Samsung Experience Center in Brigade Road, Bengaluru. The experience center is named as ‘Opera House’ and contains all of Samsung’s latest accessories and gadgets. The Opera House was opened to create awareness about the wonderful user experience that Samsung’s gadgets and devices provide. 

Executives appointed by Samsung, explain to people, the benefits and working of Samsung’s latest accessories and gadgets. People can even get to experience Virtual Reality (VR) via Samsung’s Gear VR (Smart Glasses) in the Opera House. 

Samsung wanted to create awareness about the Opera House that it had opened recently in Bengaluru. Hence, they came across and contacted the digital marketing company called Skimbox in Bengaluru. 

Skimbox employed influential marketing to create awareness about Samsung’s Opera House. This strategy was a huge success. Samsung’s ad video on Instagram got over 300,000 views a day. Samsung’s expectations were exceeded by Skimbox.     

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