Shell Influence Marketing

Shell is an internationally reputed and diversified oil company. It is a major supplier of crude oil products and chemicals to India.

Shell had recently opened a Shell IT Center in Bengaluru. It is one among four such centers in the world. 

Shell had planned to recruit qualified staff for its IT center in Bangalore. It had conducted a Hiring Event on the 24th of March, 2018. Candidates with knowledge on SAP, MI, and Endur were preferred.

Shell wanted to create an awareness about the event in Bangalore to smoothen the recruitment process. It had come across and contacted us for promoting the event. 

We employed the latest social media campaigning techniques and brought maximum visibility to the event on all social media platforms. 

Thousands of candidates attended that event in Bangalore on that day and Shell was able to find suitable candidates for its IT center in Bangalore. 

Shell was very pleased with the social media campaign results.


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