Domain Marketing

You might think that a domain is just a name. However, this is not the case. Your domain is the foundation of your digital identity. It shows what you do as a business as well as what you are all about. We all know that first impressions count and the first ten seconds that your audience sees your domain is your lasting impression on them.

Furthermore, your domain will appear on your business board, business card, letterhead and advertisements. Therefore, choosing the right domain becomes a very important part of your business. A long, clunky and misspelled domain belittles your business and you as a result.

Well, worry not! Skimbox’s Domain marketing strategy will be the perfect fit for you.

Skimbox has great experience and expertise in the best practices and techniques to great domain marketing. Your domain is not just your internet address, when utilized to its fullest potential, it is a tool to expand the potential number of visitors to your website. Your domain name is your brand and serves as an indicator of your legitimacy as a business.

Imagine if Google didn’t own or Facebook didn’t own, their domain is synonymous to their brand. A great domain marketing strategy works like this.

So turn the annual fee you pay for your domain into a component that will grow your online presence with Skimbox.

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